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A place for the roleplayers of FTT to be appreciated for their own form of art, as well as have fun. Also, aspiring roleplayers can learn how to do so.
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 Ambiguity's Reign

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PostSubject: Ambiguity's Reign   Ambiguity's Reign EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 2:28 pm


The village of Kahlain, part of the Kingdom of Galium, is a small fishing community. Only 200 people inhabited it, very few of which weren't born there. For the most part the population was close knit. It was a town where everyone had met at least once. No one family held power over the rest, and what laws weren't passed by the kingdom, a city council passed for the community. It took two months for the news of war to reach them. It was news carried by a military general, and two thousand soldiers.

It was news that split the town in half.

Nearly all of the men, young and old, were drafted into the military. Most of the women were left behind. Though, a few were hand picked to join the army. These young men and women, with little fighting experience at all, will have to overcome the hardships of war. Seeing people die by their hand, and watching people die as they fail to save them. They will have to overcome fighting for something they were forced into. Some will adapt, and others will grow to resent their King, Taerian, and plan to turn against him.

And if it comes to that, will past comrades turn to enemies, and fight each other?


1. No godmodding. So simple that it shouldn't need to be here.

2. While some gore is alright (There will be war involved) no overly-excessive gory posts, alright?

3. I'm generally pretty lenient with swearing, as long as it isn't overly excessive.

4. You play the part of normal humans. I don't want to see any superhuman feats.

5. No killing or controlling another person's character without their permission. Even then I want to know of it from the character's owner as well.

6. These rules will be subject to change at any time I please.

Extra Information

I would like to inform the player that while there is an underlying plot, the driving force of this rp is meant to be the characters. The plot acts as a catalyst for this. So it is up to the group as a whole, not just me as the Game Master, to keep this rp pushing forward.

It is because of this that the rp is invite only. Now, if there is someone that I didn't invite, that is truely confident in their roleplaying abilities, and can supply me with an impressive profile, and a link to a roleplay they have participated in in the past, I might be persuaded to let them join.


The time-period of the rp is equal to Medieval Europe.

Character Skeleton

Name: (First and last, middle is optional. Also, any nicknames. I want no one-named characters)

Age: (17-22)


Description: (At least two paragraphs detailing physical features, and clothing.)

Bio: (At least three paragraphs detailing their life up until the beginning of the rp.)

Personality: (At least two paragraphs describing how your character acts and reacts.)

Equipment: (This will change over the course of the rp. For now, write out basic descriptions for the basic weapon, side arm, and protection that your character currently owns.)

Rank: (Also changeable for the rp. For now, put Footman/woman, or Skirmisher, depending on whether your character is a Melee or Ranged soldier.)


Name: Valian M. (Marthus) Erikard

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description: Valian stands at 6'1, and was one of the tallest people in Kahlain. His light brown hair, which falls only slightly below his ears, has streaks of silver starting to appear in it. A trait he acquired from his father. His skin is slightly more tanned than those of his companions. His eyes are an ice-blue color, a trait common in the western country of Arrdale. He has a lean, slightly muscular physique, though this is a more recent trait. He had a much more muscular build close to a year ago.

Burn scars cover Valian's body, though most of them reside on his arms. Like most of the residents of Kahlain, Valian wears no jewelry. When not wearing his armor Valian wears a simple, if sleeveless, brown shirt. His pants are similarly plain. He can often be seen shivering when relaxing on a normal day.

Bio: Valian is the son of an Arrdale bard, and Kahlain's blacksmith. His family got by more easily than others. There was always things to repair or create, as opposed to seasonal fishing. If money ever got low his mother would play in the towns tavern for a few coins. Since his father didn't need an assistant, and his mother kept up with the housework well, Valian had more free time than many of the other children. In this sense, he was generally on good terms with the other villagers, as he had time to socialize with them. Then after he turned sixteen his father began to apprentice him, and he was rarely seen outside of the house.

After that his tall, lanky appearance took a drastic change. The constant heat of the forge tanned his skin. He became much more muscular as he began shaping tools for the other villagers. It was also at this time that his hair started graying, something that had happened to his father at a young age. Over the next three years Valian worked hard. Though, he never reached the level of his father's smithing.

A couple of months after turning nineteen Valians father got into a heated argument with another villager. The other man claimed that the tool Valian's father had given to him had broken only a day after receiving it, and claimed his father was a thief. As the two men continued to argue eventually it escalated into a duel, and Valian's father lost, and was from then on branded a thief.

For then next year Valian was only seen by customers. The house's income dropped dramatically due to his inexperience, and he grew thinner, less muscular as a result. He only showed real improvement by his twentieth birthday, shortly after which the king's soldier's arrived. Valian was one of the few people who volunteered to join, determined to give his family name some honor, and wash off the label of thief from his father.

Personality: While Valian still retains the social skills he had growing up, the last few years have caused him to spend his free time alone. He is the type of person to think on his feet, as a result though he rarely plans anything ahead of time. When Valian is set to a task he usually gets lost in it, this is a habit he obtained while apprenticed. Also, after being with only his family so long, Valian has a hard time reading other people.

While not working on a task Valian is an overall uninteresting person when not engaged in conversation. He doesn't bore easily, and he has a seemingly unlimited supply of patience. While metalworking is his specialty, he can often be found whittling in his free time. Other than this he is usually found daydreaming somewhere, rarely spending his time on anything else.

Equipment: Valian carries a simple spear with him as a weapon. It's short, and looks to be more akin to a javelin than a spear. Strapped to his left arm is a small, round buckler. Like most new front line soldiers he wears a suit of chainmail. Strapped to his left hip is a long dagger.

Rank: Footman
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Ambiguity's Reign
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