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A place for the roleplayers of FTT to be appreciated for their own form of art, as well as have fun. Also, aspiring roleplayers can learn how to do so.
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 Rell (Political/Literate roleplay)

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Rell (Political/Literate roleplay) Empty
PostSubject: Rell (Political/Literate roleplay)   Rell (Political/Literate roleplay) EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 2:20 pm


Rell, the largest country in the continent of Bachell. It's history is a rocky one. Due to it's position in the center of the continent, stretching from sea to sea down the middle, it has often come into conflict with it's neighbors. To the east lies a large collection of mountain chains, through which there are few passes. It is because of this, and the fact that any who try to use these passes are attacked by the barbarians that guard them, that the East isl largely unexplored. To the west lies the more civilized lands, or at least in comparison to the East. The West, even the coastal areas, is frequently hit by long droughts. Every few years food becomes as valuable as gold there, and the western counties often deteriorate into nothing more than lawless collections of people. This cycle repeats every decade or so, lasting from anywhere from 2-10 years.

Rell happens to occupy just the right space for prosperity. Only the western most regions are effected by drought, and only the eastern-most regions suffer the occasional barbarian raid. It is the most advanced, and perhaps what some would consider the only country in Bachell For the past few decades the country has seen complete peace. No conflict was held in the entirety of King Marius II reign, a first in documented history. His successor, King Iscariot has seen much the same prosperity.

Until recently that is.

Rumors have been circling as of late. Rumors of the barbarians in the East increasing their raiding frequency, and are beginning to gather in large numbers. At the same time, in the west, men and women are gathering together, armed, preparing to invade the boarders of Rell, to escape the now ten-year drought that has effected them.

Not only that, but there is growing unrest within the boarders of Rell. Rumors of a religious cult being responsible for mass disappearances over the country are gaining momentum. Aside from that many of Rell's merchants, the main form of goods transportation over the country, are refusing to trade until they are handed some political power.

The lords and ladies of Rell must deal with all of this, and their own issues, lest they and in turn Rell, be overcome, and lost.


1. While it may be more difficult to do in this rp, no Godmodding. Not every endeavor you partake in will succeed.

2. PM all profiles to me under Betrayer

4. Make sure to read every section I post, there is quite a bit of extra info to go with this rp.

5. My word is law, remember that.

6. Absolutely no one-liners

7. These rules will be subject to change at any time I wish.

Extra information

The time-period of the roleplay varies depending on which region you're talking about. Rell is at the technology level of Rome, at the height of it's power. The eastern barbarians would command technology around the level of the Gauls from the same time period.

The western regions would be closer to the Dark ages of Europe.

There is no single religion Rell follows. Religion plays no major part in politics or every day life, so there may be dozens of beliefs withing a city co-existing.

For those unfamiliar with the Feudal system, I shall provide a short explanation.

While a King(or queen) is the main ruler of a country, he entrusts the rule of various important castles/cities (fiefs) to a lord. The Lord rules over the fief like the King rules over the country. They make all decisions for the fief.(Unless the King directly makes a decision for said fief, such as setting a tax rate) Lords also serve as advisers for the king, if he so wishes it.

Something of note, this rp will most likely be prone to frequent time skips. Because of travel between cities, letters and documents sent, and time it takes for decisions to have an impact within the world.

Random events

Every few days (In rp time) I shall be rolling dice to determine random events. It will effect one person, or the rp world. Once who/what will be effected is decided, I shall roll to see what happens. This could be everything from a player's relative dying, to them being framed for murder, from some investment the player's character made sometime in the rp paying off.

Or it could be something like a massive barbarian invasion occurring. So pray, and pray often.

I will PM the person whom the Random event concerns, so that they can add it into their posts however they wish. If it concerns the country as a whole, I will put it into one of my posts somewhere.

Character Skeleton

Name: (Full name please, add a middle if possible)


Age: (Between 23 and 35)

Bio: (Three paragraphs at least. They've lived over twenty years, surely you could at least write that many paragraphs about your own life.)

Description: (Two paragraphs)

Personality: (At least a paragraph.)

Fief: (Describe their city, or castle, with as much detail as you feel is needed. At least describe it's general location and importance)

Accepted Profiles:

Name: Argund I.(Irious) Kellerd

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Bio: Argund wasn't born Noble, little to the knowledge of his peers. He was born the son of one of the many innkeepers of Tarenovus. When the now-king Joneleth Iscariot had run away from home one time (It happened frequently, little to the knowledge of the public) they met, once. They were teenagers, and Joneleth had been spotted by the guards sent looking for him, and was on the run. Argund and the then-lordling Iscariot collided with each other. Joneleth pleaded quickly for Argung to misdirect the guards, who wasn't one to deny a request. Argund, believing the teenager to be nothing more than a harmless thief, Got rid of the guards. After Argmund was showered with gratitude he told Joneleth to get lost, after giving the other kid his name.

Life was uneventful after that. Until Argund turned twenty-two. The lord of Karious was assassinated, and he had no known living relative to take over the position. A month of searching, and false relatives followed, until Argund was called into a meeting, with none other than King Iscariot himself. A proposal was made by the King, as a way of “repaying” Argund for the kindness he had showed Joenelth some years before.

Argund would be announced the successor of Karious's former lord. He would be given all of the power that such a position held to be used freely. His blood would become that of a nobleman's, and he would never have to labor or worry over money again. However, there was a catch, a rather large one. From then on Argund would be the king's scapegoat. He would take the blame for every failed misadventure the king set out on. If the king made a failed attack into barbarian lands, it would have been Argund who advised him on the matter. If the treasury ran low and Rell began to fall into debt, it would be Argund who would take the blame for his “personal advice” on such matters.

Argund readily agreed to the proposal. The next few years were spent adjusting to the life of a lord, which was a drastic change from his former occupation. Over the past few years however Karious has become one of the best maintained cities in Rell. There are few people without work unemployment, and fewer hungry. The streets are clean, and well maintained. Argund is generally well liked by the city's inhabitants.

Outside of Karious however, Argund is seen as a disaster. His various failed exploits, including the closing of the western border to refugees, have given him a bad name with the regular public. King Iscariot on the other hand is regarded as a saint. His rule has run smoothly, and his supposed tolerance for Argund's exploits have sometimes baffled the public. Usually though, it is attributed to his generosity.

Description: Argund stands at 6'2” and has a lanky appearance. His short black hair falls just below his ears at the back. He keeps himself cleanly shaved, and has brown eyes. His facial features are hawk-like in appearance, sharp. While he doesn't have the physique of an athlete, Argund isn't at all gluttonous in appearance.

He is usually wearing robes. He dresses in a traditional-lordly way. When stand still all but his face is covered by the robes. They are dark-red, with a golden colored trim. These are also the main color of his coat-of-arms, which is stitched into the robes over his heart. It is simply a ram, standing in a red field, with a golden sky above it.

Personality: Argund is rather blunt compared the the elegance which surrounds his position. Other than lying about the king's business, he is honest to a fault. Usually to the ire of someone who asks for his opinion. While he has done his best to fit comfortably into his position, it is sometimes painfully obvious that he is still unaccustomed to being a lord. Such as his dislike for more elegant foods, or his thanking of every servant who does even small tasks.

Fief: Argund rules over Karious, situated close to the western boarder of Rell. It is the largest city in the western region, and doubles as a Fortress. Until recently it was the main entrance into Rell for western immigrants. Now though, the city's gates are closed. A large plain stretches as far the the eye can see around the city, making it hard for immigrants to sneak into the country, as they would easily be spotted by the guards and run down, or shot by arrows. A large number of farms are set up outside of the city, marking it largely self-sufficient. It mainly has to import iron and steel.
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Rell (Political/Literate roleplay)
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