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A place for the roleplayers of FTT to be appreciated for their own form of art, as well as have fun. Also, aspiring roleplayers can learn how to do so.
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 One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section)

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One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section) Empty
PostSubject: One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section)   One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section) EmptyTue May 19, 2009 1:42 am

Hello People. It's been awhile since I done this, and since I can't get into contact with any decent One piece RPer's, I figure I'll start one here.

Ok, this is DURING the great adventures of One piece, so we can have the funny villains and such to go up against and whatnot. But this is mostly an OC Rp, so if you want to do a canon Character, you'll need to PM.

Also this means you need to come up with your own Devil fruit if you want one.

Lastly, you are allowed to Join the crew of another RPer. Just no joining any canon crews.

Name: Joey "DragonArm" Gonzales
Devil Fruit(Optional): Clay Clay Fruit. (Not yet Eaten)
Crew:DragonFist Pirates
Position: Captain
Abilities: Is considered a high level martial artist, with knowledge of Two Rokushiki Techniques. Also has posession of a Devil fruit which will grant the user an incredibly Malleable Body, as well as some limited shape shifting powers. Possesses a level of physical strength that reaches the level of Superhuman.
Appearance:Wears a button up short sleeve shirt, a green hat with 4 studs on it, A green necklace with an arrow head shape at the centre, and Jeans, as well as some swim shoes. Has Slightly tan Skin, Blackish Brown hair and brown eyes. Is about 5'9 in height.
Past: Orphaned at birth, he grew up being a firery young lad who constantly got into fights. Then one day was taken in by a strong hearted (As well as fiercly frightening) woman who later turns out to be an Ex member of Cipher Pol. Several years later, the marines had found her and executed her for not being trusted with the secrets of the world government, while also being labeled a deserter. Prior to death, she gave Joey a Devil fruit she had acquired while in Cipher Pol. After her death, Joey set out with a dream to be a master of Martial arts, in respect for his teacher, also with the intent to be a pirate in order to do so. (Also partially an attempt to defy the world government.)

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One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section) Empty
PostSubject: Re: One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section)   One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section) EmptyTue May 19, 2009 5:15 am

I talked with Joey a bit, it's likely that we'll be using a program called OpenRPG for fighting if we can get people to use it. OpenRPG is an online table top RPG program that allows you to make your own character sheets and such however you like and allows you to play with a gameplay system you made yourself. If people are willing to play it, I think the rp could turn out much better. Either way, I plan to join in.

Name: Lyssa Irima Renlitz
Devil Fruit(Optional): None
Crew: Harusame Pirates
Position: Personal bodyguard
Abilities: Uses ribbons as weapons, using pulley systems and her already surprising strength she is able to throw heavy objects with ease, disarm opponents and throw them around like they're the dolls. She has a photographic memory due to the way her mind was constructed. Her limbs are detachable.
Past: Lyssa was made by a skilled craftsman, he had made jewelry for many wealthy customers and was able to get his hands on a crystal disc. This item would show countless different images depending on the angle of the light hitting it. He had been working on a system to create these discs and add more images to the discs. During this time his wife had complications with birth, neither of them survived. He had nothing to turn to in his life but his work and made Lyssa, using the crystal disc for her mind. A few years later he had decided to take her with him on one of his business trips. Pirates attacked the ship, killing everyone on it. The captain of the ship had taken Lyssa's wind-up key during the slaughter, leaving her no choice but to work for him unless she wants to become a helpless doll.
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One Piece RP (For Intermedaite Section)
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